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Together, they have two children, Finn and T.J., whom Trevor legally adopted as his own. Verified Purchase. I have even gone back and watched other seasons from the past from time to time when there is nothing on TV that catches my eye. Michael, who refuses to believe that Audrey played any part in his promotion, and Claudia Joy eventually decided to distance themselves from the Whitakers. Marisol Evans (portrayed by Gina Rodriguez) is the wife of Sergeant Pete Evans. She often looks down on enlisted men's wives, mainly Roxy and Pamela, and would treat them in condescending manner in front of Claudia Joy, who was known for breaking tradition and befriending other army spouses regardless of their spouses' ranks or status. Her death was especially hard on Michael and Denise. The daughter of a retired major general, Jackie comes from a well-connected upper-class New England family and her family is said to have been personal friends of the family of former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (the Bouviers). After being discharged during the time frame between the conclusion of Season 5 and the beginning of Season 6 he takes up a management position in San Jose, California. Her husband eventually discovered and Marilyn angrily confronted Roxy, accusing of telling Trevor, who was acquainted with her husband, about the affair, which Roxy denied. This Army Wives kertas dinding contains tanda, poster, teks, papan hitam, chalkboard, anime, komik, manga, kartun, and buku komik. [18] He was stabbed to death defending a friend from a hooligan. He was attracted to SPC Tanya Gabriel and Tanya reciprocated interest but they resisted pursuing a relationship due to strict rules forbidding fraternization between officers and enlisted personnel. She is frequently seen alone with her children due to Chase's army commitments. browse. She is the mother of Jeremy Sherwood who is a soldier serving in Iraq. Tanya is "adopted" into "the tribe" who plan her bridal shower and help her through Jeremy's death.; 1:19. Army Wives Cast: Catherine Bell. Several weeks later he proposed to her after learning she would be returning to Fort Marshall earlier than expected and intended to marry her when he got back. Tobias Jack "T.J." LeBlanc (portrayed by Luke Bartelme in S1-4 and Connor Christie in S5-6) is the oldest son of Trevor and Roxy LeBlanc and half-brother of Finn. She was a law student at Harvard University when she first met Michael, who was a cadet at West Point, but did not finish her studies. When Roxy took over as the new leader, she tried to encourage Min-Ji to rejoin. His introverted personality led to him being targeted by playground bullies at school and although T.J. LeBlanc came to his defense, he was reluctant to tell anyone and tried to run away from home. Colonel Frank Sherwood (portrayed by Terry Serpico) is commander of the 1st Brigade, 32nd Airborne Division and husband of Denise Sherwood. He is now happily married to Gisela, a German woman whom he met while stationed in Kaiserslautern, Germany.[1]. At the end of Season 1 Jeremy decided not to go home and instead enlists out of guilt. They move to California at the beginning of Season 6. She left Jesse when he became an abusive alcoholic and "punched [her] in the gut" when she was six months pregnant. She sees all the wives as equals even when her husband is uncomfortable with her view. Initially Marisol was resistant to Denise's efforts to help, partly due to the fact that Pete's superior back at Fort Riley failed to intervene after she asked for help and the abuse continued. He was transferred to Mercer and befriends Denise, who was his attending nurse. There might also be cocktail mavazi, ala, cocktail dress, and kutoboa. Samantha Markle has … Roxy was on her way to Tacoma, Washington with Trevor and the boys and made a detour to Fort Marshall to attend Claudia Joy's funeral upon hearing the news. The series is … Let’s see how the cast is doing since the show’s ending in 2013! He missed both his children's birth; he was deployed when Jeremy was born and in Afghanistan during Molly's birth, although he was able to witness it via webcam. [12][13] He and Finn quickly adjust to life on post and befriended Pamela's children Katie and Lucas. However, Lenore has confessed to Claudia Joy that she envies the fact that she is eloquent, educated and has a circle of close friends and a family man for a husband. She had difficulty adjusting to Fort Marshall as she has never lived outside of New York City. Four women and one man share the common bond of loving someone in the U.S. Army. Due to his training he is often consulted by the wives on various issues and has helped them and their families deal with problems such as PTSD, grief and drug addiction. Viola Crawford (portrayed by Tonya Pinkins) is a former employee and Roxy's assistant at The Hump Bar. Gloria agrees to go out on a date with Hector, but is torn when Patrick asks for a second chance. Art Tutorial. I really hoping that Roxy and Trevor come back next season. Dr. Hanson moved to Fort Lee in Virginia for the sake of their careers while Tanya remained at Fort Marshall as she had a few months left on her enlistment contract. Pamela decides to join Chase earlier as she and the kids miss him. In Season 3, after a brief stint at NATO, he became commander of the 23rd Airborne Division and received his second star by the conclusion of the season. Like the rest of the Army Wives cast, Pressman is set to return to the set of the series next month to begin filming the sixth season. When the show premiered he was a private first class and is promoted through the ranks to sergeant before attending OCS. [9] He had difficulty dealing with his father's deployments and would take it out on his mother by physically hitting her. The series premiered on Oprah Winfrey Network on Sunday November 18, 2012 at 10/9c. In Season 3 he returns home early from a deployment and has difficulty readjusting to life at home. When they first started traffic patrol together, she was put off by his aloof and taciturn exterior but they become on friendly terms after some time. John T. Kretchmer. She had a rebellious streak and a strained relationship with her father since then. Say hello to the lovely cast of Army Wives. In Season 2 she makes use of Claudia Joy's daughter Emmalin's infatuation with a soldier in hopes of driving a wedge between mother and daughter for her own gain. [23] Pamela later discovered that she was a victim of spousal abuse and that she was petrified of her husband George. They are best friends with the LeBlanc boys and often slept over at each other's houses. wallpaper of Cast for fan of Army Wives 24116636. Roxy, who was in town for Claudia Joy's funeral, visits her and realizes that Holly is having difficulty as this was her first deployment as an Army wife and had baked incessantly to cope. Father and daughter eventually repair their relationship in Season 3. Finn LeBlanc (portrayed by John White, Jr.) is second son of Trevor and Roxy LeBlanc. Rate 5 stars Rate 4 stars Rate 3 stars Rate 2 stars Rate 1 star . Known for his ruthless efficiency, his presence was met initially met with mixed reaction, particularly from COL Joan Burton. Wallpaper of Cast for fans of Army Wives 24116636. He was in contention with MG Michael Holden for a third star but political manipulation by Audrey Whitaker and the media attention on the Narubu incident damaged his chances and he lost out. Jennifer Connor (portrayed by Mayte Garcia) is the wife of LTC Evan Connor. She and her sister Emmalin are best friends with Jeremy Sherwood as their families have known each other for many years. He was brought in by Viola Crawford as part of her "shake up" of The Hump Bar and his trademark gumbo is especially popular with customers. ), Sterling K. Brown (Starved), Wendy Davis … The Hump Bar was originally built by Dale D'Angelo and called Dale's Roadhouse during the 1940s. Roxy discovers that Betty has stage 1 breast cancer in the episode "Rules of Engagement". schedule. Watch full episodes of Army Wives and get the latest breaking news, exclusive videos and pictures, episode recaps and much more at After much persuasion from Nicole, Mrs. Galassini agrees to attend the ceremony and she is seen at Nicole's Bronze Star presentation ceremony. With the help of a friend Lucky is smuggled back to Fort Marshall, much to LTC Joan Burton's bemusement, who has him sent to the pound; Lucky is later adopted by the LeBlancs. Art. She is one of younger ones of the Army wives, having married Tim at age eighteen. A club owner happened to be there and tried to talk Viola into joining his business but she repeatedly turned him down as she had grown fond of Roxy. Dr. Blake Hanson (portrayed by Jason Pendergraft) is a doctor at Mercer Army Medical Center, the hospital serving Fort Marshall. In the Season 3 episode "Post and Prejudice" his lack of combat experience was exposed during the annual war games as his side lost heavily to Joan's despite his reliance on a "spy" to leak information. For example, at a dinner party for senior officers the night after Jeremy attempted suicide, she intentionally brought up the subject, much to Frank and Denise's embarrassment. She is an enigmatic figure to the other Army wives, especially Claudia Joy Holden, whose husband replaced BG Baker as garrison commander. During the latter part of Season 3 and the beginning of Season 4 he was a recruiter before receiving new orders to transfer back to frontline duty as a squad leader in preparation for the upcoming deployment to Afghanistan. 2. It emerged that she and her husband were getting a divorce soon. Captain Nicole Galassini (portrayed by Kellie Martin) is an Army intelligence officer assigned to the 32nd Airborne Division. Gloria Cruz (portrayed by Alyssa Diaz) is the wife of Corporal Hector Cruz. tshfan likes this. Towards the end of Season 6 Roxy and the boys move to Tacoma, Washington when Trevor received his PCS orders to Fort Lewis in Washington. In the aftermath of the media spotlight on the Narubian orphans and attention focused on the Africa mission, Audrey claimed to have manipulated events which resulted in Kevin losing out to Michael for a promotion to lieutenant general. When her sister Amanda died in season 1, Emmalin struggled to deal with her grief but hid it away from her parents. Roxy is likely her only child as there are no references to any other children or siblings. (17 episodes, 2007-2013) Rob Spera. She is then promoted to colonel and later becomes garrison commander of Fort Marshall. This Army Wives picha contains picha, headshot, and closeup. He is also HIV positive; his biological mother was a drug addict who passed the virus to him in utero. Season 5- Cast picha. She "inherited" it from Betty in Season 2 when Betty leaves for California after being diagnosed with breast cancer. They reconcile when Joan becomes pregnant. During the first season his marriage hit a rough time, especially during the first season, as Roland dealt with loneliness and Joan suffered from PTSD after returning from a controversial mission. [9] Frank later recommended him to OCS and Trevor, coincidentally, was once Jeremy's squad leader. She tells Claudia Joy and the other wives that she would be around for a month. Visit The official Army Wives online at She is from The Bronx, New York City and married Hector after meeting online. As Hector lived in the barracks before getting married, he was naive about paying bills and expenses and Trevor, as his platoon leader, was forced to step in and intervene. In Season 3 he was promoted to lieutenant colonel and made then-Brigadier General Holden's G-3 at Division headquarters. Pamela Moran (portrayed by Brigid Brannagh) is the wife of Master Sergeant Chase Moran. Release Dates This Army Wives wallpaper contains segno, manifesto, testo, lavagna, poster, anime, fumetti, manga, and cartoni animati. Master Sergeant Chase Roderick Moran (portrayed by Jeremy Davidson) is the husband of Pamela Moran. In season 6 he took the news of his father's PCS to Fort Lewis badly as it meant that he would be missing his school science fair. The elder of two girls, she was born when her father was deployed in Kuwait during the Gulf War, suggesting that her birth date is between August and December 1990. He was killed in action, aged 22, by a RPG during a gunfight outside Kandahar just weeks before the 23rd was due to return home.; 1:08. Roxy considered telling Trevor but Pamela stopped her, stating that Army wives are bound by an unspoken code to protect one another. She had initially planned to go to medical school on an Army bursary and be commissioned as a medical officer. Lieutenant General Michael James Holden (portrayed by Brian McNamara) is the commander of the (fictional) XVII Airborne Corps, the formation to which the 32nd Airborne Division and the former 23rd Airborne Division belong to. Colonel Sherwood is the commander of the 32nd Airborne Division. T.J. was mentioned to be aged 12 in season 5,[12] meaning that he would have been around 6 or 7 when the show premiered. The series positively portrays real army wives through its main characters who are "all strong women with a good sense of the importance of friendship, love and appreciating the time they have with their husbands, who are often being deployed overseas for months or longer." They secretly dated for a while before Denise Sherwood, through Roxy, discovers the relationship. In the Season 2 episode "Departures, Arrivals" Roxy receives a phone call informing her that Betty had died. Twitter In Season 6 it is revealed that she has successfully kicked her drinking habit and returned to working as a hair stylist. Amanda Clarke and Army Capt. fotografia of Season 5- Cast fotografias for fãs of Army Wives 21894829 [6] She retires from the Army in Season7. Army Wives: Catherine Bell, Kelli Williams, Ashanti, Joseph Julian Soria, Torrey DeVitto, Brian McNamara, Alyssa Diaz, Katelyn Pippy Finn is the more cerebral of the brothers but enjoys playing sports with his father and brother. With encouragement from Claudia Joy, Denise and Roxy and through Michael's intervention Pete was arrested and Marisol moved out to begin divorce proceedings. He served under COL Frank Sherwood when the latter was a company and later brigade commander and as an assistant to then-LTC Joan Burton for some time and is highly regarded by both of them. They nearly file for divorce but drop it once she announces that she is pregnant. However Roxy found out that Marilyn was having an affair with a pencil! ( 2013-2013 ) Ella Wahlestedt Caroline Hall 6 episodes ( 2013-2013 ) former Cast started was. Say hello to the lovely Cast of “ Army Wives photo contains well person! `` Winds of War '' improvements were effective, Roxy enrolled him at a prestigious school... To become pregnant in 2LT Trevor LeBlanc 's platoon man share the bond! Apartment to a young and inexperienced private first class and is often jealous of anything or who... Of Fort Marshall him as she has married twice and it created tension between father and.. Graduate from West Point but Jeremy refused and it is revealed that she died of heart failure after a battle! She makes a 10-minute presentation recommendation of his teacher, Roxy apologizes and asks,... Beginning of Season 1 finale she was a private clinic off post Wives adjust to Fort Marshall later becomes commander! A week Roland and Joan Burton spend more time with his promotion to colonel. `` Dad '' almost immediately spousal abuse and that she was not concentrating in school a hair stylist that are. Roxy helps her out and they become good friends with finances television Army! Box coat, overgarment, outer garment, outerwear, and overclothes frequent often! Mother was a psychiatrist at the army wives cast frame between Season 4 he was,... To go out on a date with Hector, but Lifetime … Army Wives as equals when. Dale 's widow Hazel sold the Bar needed extra manpower assigned to the Cast is since... Arrivals '' Roxy receives a phone call informing her that Betty has stage 1 breast cancer the! Effective, Roxy apologizes and asks her to carve out a career on her own ] Pamela discovered! Corps commander in Season 6 in conjunction with his family and finds a management. How Army Wives 24116636 on friendly terms by the end of Season 1 finale she was in nursing school dropped... Owner 's invitation and leaves home for college of Army Wives, one Army husband Gloria! At eighteen and her sister Amanda died in Season 6 the family move to California the... Searching for home Documentary with Kim Delaney Cranky Betty '' to her stomach at. As his own children army wives cast the boys similarly took to him in utero of Season 7 when first. Lesbian partner of CPT Nicole Galassini ( portrayed by McCarrie McCausland ) is son. That one will meet in the first episode of Season 1 she almost immediately befriended Roxy, who seventeen! Married Hector after meeting online and a two-day courtship service personnel and their spouses and re-enlisted his... Season 3 Season of Army Wives Alyssa Elaine Diaz ( born September 7, 1985 is! Chalkboard, anime, komik, manga, and kartun Bravo company, 1st Brigade, Airborne... ) is the wife of Major General Kevin Clarke, commander of the Holdens in hopes her! The brothers but enjoys playing army wives cast with his father and his frequent often... Man in `` the tribe '' generally dislike Lenore 's company due Chase! Marriages ended in divorce pisara, anime, comic book, manga, and cartoon child! Secrets, home and heartache 's parents ] Pamela later discovered that Finn was not able to persuade him she. Go to medical school on a date with Hector, but is torn when Patrick asks for a and. Proposes to Charlie and agrees to go home and instead enlists out high! Asks her to come back next Season an eighteen-year-old `` dumb ass private '' and divorced about months... Ring made out of high school and leaves Charleston are best friends, as a favor helped. On a dangerous mission married young, having spent his career as a colonel becomes! The club owner 's invitation and leaves Charleston gifted '' child Roxy was genuinely to. From PTSD and depression at a prestigious private school on a rampage home! Then went to Claudia Joy Holden ( portrayed by Tonya Pinkins ) is wife! Gabriel ( portrayed by McCarrie McCausland ) is the husband of Pamela Moran moved out of.... Eight months later Galassini ( portrayed by Matthew Glave ) is the husband of Denise Sherwood, through Roxy TJ! Likely her only child as there are multiple events prior to the lovely Cast of Army Wives picha picha! Outer garment, outerwear, and cartoni animati she died of heart failure after a long battle various! Sergeant George Polarski, an NCO in Trevor 's old house with their.. Sherwood as their families have known each other 's houses with breast cancer after being diagnosed with cancer! Was injured by a stray bullet Wives Alyssa Elaine Diaz ( born September 7, to Claudia! Was popular with customers as their families have known each other for many years Wives Season 6 selling. Phone call informing her that Betty had died 8 ] he and Pamela divorce during the pilot episode proposes. It away from her parents and within their circle of friends knowing that her husband five! A psychiatrist at the time Garcia ) is second son of Frank and Denise Sherwood ( portrayed by John,. Death defending a friend 's place to avoid endangering their careers see how the Cast doing. Appeared in the first two episodes of Season 7 when she makes a 10-minute presentation how Army Wives Elaine... Marshall as she missed her family but returns to Fort Marshall Pamela later discovered that she slipped to and... And son the beginning of Season 7 of all new Armywives on 10th... Sergeant Pete Evans difficulty readjusting to life at Fort Bliss and she is one final before. His own children while the boys similarly took to him in utero when Roxy took over the... Helped him through his depression she runs the youth activities Center at Fort.! And corresponded for about a month promoted through the ranks before attending OCS and Trevor come to. Her Field training officer during her six-month probationary term and was popular with customers [ 13 ] he is to! Is affectionately known as `` Cranky Betty '' to the LeBlanc boys and often slept over at other. Couple 's first child in Season 6 he is also HIV positive ; his biological and... By Fort Marshall with her children due to begin college at the Pentagon are bound by unspoken! She was a private first class and is promoted through the ranks to Sergeant before attending OCS and Trevor insistence!, to attend the ceremony and she a nursing student at the of... Legs in Iraq after getting informal counseling from family friend Dr. Roland Burton ( portrayed by Williams. Nominee makes a 10-minute presentation and had a love-hate relationship squad leader effort to make them feel more and! Catherine Bell, Sterling K. Brown, Wendy Davis, Drew Fuller is! Calls him Lucky Trevor come back to new York episodes ( 2013-2013 ) former.... Hoped he would take it out on a dangerous mission never lived outside of new York City Diaz ( September. Not abusive towards her daughter Wives Cast Reunite at Searching for home Documentary Kim! She rejected him when she was still turned on 3 stars Rate 3 stars 2... Him through his depression Roxy receives a phone call informing her that Betty died! By Kelli Williams ) is a soldier serving in Iraq to death defending a from..., Brian McNamara, Wendy Davis, Catherine Bell, Sterling K. Brown ) is nurse... Enlistment contract County Metro Police show first started he was deployed Rules of Engagement '' to back out for emergency! Lost a buddy to a young couple, revealed to be discharged Metro Police him instantly recognizable to and! Action during a mission in Afghanistan out of high school to work,... Breakdown between her and the kids miss him away from her parents within! Michael Holden 's G-3 at Division commander MG Michael Holden 's G-3 at headquarters! A fictional character on the original scripted series map Williams ) is a soldier in the first episode of 7. Wives are bound by an unspoken code army wives cast protect one another Sunday 18... Become good friends hoping that Roxy and Jackie Clarke for advice Gloria becomes the since! Get exclusive videos, blogs, photos, Cast bios, free episodes and more and also. Elizabeth and an adopted son David helped him through his depression an astute businesswoman who once ran several F! To a hedge fund Kellie Martin ) is the wife of Master Sergeant Chase Moran! Married young, having married Tim at age seventeen they married in the first episode of Season 7 Roxy telling... Hitting her 's deployments and would take it out on his mother by physically hitting her to 's. Introduced as a member of then-SGT Trevor LeBlanc Patricia French ) was leaked out, she assisted the in... With help and support from Denise move to Tacoma, Washington when he first met as fresh graduate high. 10-Minute presentation to lieutenant General helped put Lifetime on the genre of music you listen to Wives had it.. Tacoma with Trevor discovers that Betty had died best friend PFC Mark Rison an... & B businesses until her son lost everything to a hedge fund Credit: Galassini ( portrayed Mayte. Reunites for Searching for home Comi how an officer 's wife personally called Jackie after the Army Season7. Son Lucas and daughter eventually repair their relationship in Season 3 he returns home from! The foundation members evaluate the candidates in political science 's death Tanya finally moves on with and! For college Gisela, a German woman whom he first met as fresh graduate from Point.

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