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Maldives’ Yameen goes rogue, time for India to play gunboat diplomacy

On November 3, 1988, Abdullah Luthufi, a once-prominent Maldivian businessman, allegedly in connivance with Ibrahim Nasir, the country’s former president, hired about 100 gunmen from the People’s Liberation Organization of Tamil Eelam – one of several secessionist Tamil groups fighting for a separate homeland in Sri Lanka during that time – and led them to… Read More »

World must not fail Rohingya Muslims facing genocide in Myanmar

Today, the wretched Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar are again facing a genocidal campaign against them by the Burmese government. The recent wave of atrocities against them started with the killing of nine Burmese policemen in Rakhine State by alleged Rohingya “insurgent terrorists” on October 9, 2016. Since then, tens of thousands of Burmese troops have… Read More »

Post-truth: Here’s why Donald Trump won US presidential election

It is a month today since Republican Donald John Trump — a billionaire businessman, TV personality, aspiring wall builder, misogynist, racist, Islamophobe, climate-change denier, pussy grabber, and rookie politician — wrested the presidency of the United States in the most statistics-defying American election, in my memory at least. His unlikely and spectacular victory over his… Read More »

Importance of national discipline in nation building

After the World War II, Japan was devastated on the two most crucial fronts that made it one of the major world powers – economic and military. There was widespread poverty, disdain and depression among her people. However, this bleak period did not last long. In fact, within just five years of its destruction another… Read More »