INS Betwa accident: Is the Indian Navy a serious military force?

The toppling of INS Betwa, a Brahmaputra-class guided-missile frigate, puts a huge note of interrogation on the Indian Navy — a force on whose competency rests not only India’s maritime security, but aspirations to become a global power. The December 4 accident, which took place at the naval dockyard in Mumbai while undocking after undergoing… Read More »

Post-truth: Here’s why Donald Trump won US presidential election

It is a month today since Republican Donald John Trump — a billionaire businessman, TV personality, aspiring wall builder, misogynist, racist, Islamophobe, climate-change denier, pussy grabber, and rookie politician — wrested the presidency of the United States in the most statistics-defying American election, in my memory at least. His unlikely and spectacular victory over his… Read More »

Mr Modi, remember your promise and say no to GM crops

Last year when Narendra Modi led the BJP to a landslide victory in the Lok Sabha election, the country looked at him with great hope. After all, the decade of decay under the Congress-led UPA government had almost pushed the citizens of the country to the brink.  We saw the anger against corruption and misgovernance… Read More »

Importance of national discipline in nation building

After the World War II, Japan was devastated on the two most crucial fronts that made it one of the major world powers – economic and military. There was widespread poverty, disdain and depression among her people. However, this bleak period did not last long. In fact, within just five years of its destruction another… Read More »

Is Dr Binayak Sen a prisoner of conscience?

A lot has been written, discussed and debated on the conviction and the subsequent sentencing to life imprisonment of Dr Binayak Sen on charges of sedition. The case got such attention that vigils and protests were held [YouTube] demanding his release even in many Western countries. Nobel laureates, Amnesty International, left-liberal jholawallahs and India’s notorious cabal of… Read More »