Importance of national discipline in nation building

After the World War II Japan was devastated on the two most crucial fronts that made it one of the major world powers – economic and military. There was widespread poverty, disdain and depression amongst her people. However, this bleak period did not last long. In fact, within just five years of its destruction another… Read More »

Is Dr Binayak Sen a prisoner of conscience?

A lot has been written, discussed and debated on the conviction and the subsequent sentencing to life imprisonment of Dr Binayak Sen on charges of sedition. The case got such attention that vigils and protests were held [YouTube] demanding his release even in many Western countries. Nobel laureates, Amnesty International, left-liberal jholawallahs and India’s notorious cabal of… Read More »

Musings on free speech and possible limits

The second half of 2010 saw some great online debates, fights and rants on an individual’s right of expression and limits to it, much fuelled by Arundhati Roy’s controversial essay in Outlook on the Maoist insurgents followed by her even more controversial speech supporting Kashmir separatists that prompted some people to file a case of… Read More »

Time to do away with death penalty

Recently, the Supreme Court of India dismissed Central Bureau of Investigation’s (CBI) plea that the life imprisonment awarded to Dara Singh for leading a mob that burned alive Australian Christian missionary Dr Graham Staines (58) and his two sons — Philip (10) and Timothy (6) — on January 22, 1999 by the Orissa high court… Read More »

The Volga in CP: A love affair that has ended

My first memories of the Volga bar-cum-restaurant go back to 1998 when I came here as a student from Bangalore. I was taking a stroll in the Inner Circle of Connaught Place (CP) when the name of the Russian river caught my eye. I didn’t get in there partly because it was late in the evening… Read More »