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Yanxin Entrance Max 43% OFF Door Mat wholesale Hand-Stenciled Entran Non-Slip

Yanxin Entrance Door Mat,Non-Slip Door Mat Hand-Stenciled Entran


Yanxin Entrance Door Mat,Non-Slip Door Mat Hand-Stenciled Entran

Product description

Door mat
Our beautiful doormats are 1 inch thick. When you enter your home, your feet are flawless. They are strong enough to withstand any
weather or wear and tear from your family and guests coming in and out of your home.

Can be used in a variety of environments: on terraces, garages, laundry rooms, entranceways and anywhere with high traffic outside.

The well-designed surface of the mat scrapes off the debris under the shoes, keeping the floor clean and making it easier to clean
the mat. The rubber back holds the mat tightly on the floor, making it safe and reliable both indoors and outdoors.

If you have any questions, please contact us in time, we will provide high quality service.

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Waterproof, Easy Clean, Low-Profile Mats for Entry, Garage, Patio, High Traffic Areas

Yanxin Entrance Door Mat,Non-Slip Door Mat Hand-Stenciled Entran

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