$229 Leffler Home Hamilton Ottoman, large, black and ivory Home Kitchen Furniture $229 Leffler Home Hamilton Ottoman, large, black and ivory Home Kitchen Furniture Leffler Home Hamilton Ottoman black and Opening large release sale large ivory large,,ivory,www.goldenarcher.net,Home,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Leffler,Hamilton,and,black,Ottoman,,/distinguishably1232926.html,$229 Leffler Home Hamilton Ottoman black and Opening large release sale large ivory large,,ivory,www.goldenarcher.net,Home,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Leffler,Hamilton,and,black,Ottoman,,/distinguishably1232926.html,$229

Leffler Home Hamilton Ottoman Ranking TOP11 black and Opening large release sale ivory

Leffler Home Hamilton Ottoman, large, black and ivory


Leffler Home Hamilton Ottoman, large, black and ivory

Product description

The Hamilton ottoman will add rich elegance and versatility to any living space. The Dimensions are 35 by 35 by 11 1/2 inches. This hand crafted ottoman is made in the USA. The legs measure 6 inches in Height and are easy to attach. Use this ottoman as a foot rest, or for extra seating during the holidays, for parties, or game nights. The Hamilton ottoman will make a statement in any room with its distinctive look and its endless possibilities.

Leffler Home Hamilton Ottoman, large, black and ivory

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