$31 Lunch Tote (Charcoal) Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Lunch Tote 1 year warranty Charcoal $31 Lunch Tote (Charcoal) Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Lunch,/delighter1644482.html,$31,Tote,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,www.goldenarcher.net,(Charcoal) Lunch,/delighter1644482.html,$31,Tote,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,www.goldenarcher.net,(Charcoal) Lunch Tote 1 year warranty Charcoal

Lunch Tote 1 year outlet warranty Charcoal

Lunch Tote (Charcoal)


Lunch Tote (Charcoal)


10.10 oz. army duck waxed canvas 5 oz. oil-tanned leather Copper rivets 36" waist straps Water resistant Apron measurements: 29" wide x 18.5" tall Spot clean with damp towel Handcrafted in U.S.A.

Lunch Tote (Charcoal)

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