Brake,Universal,/catchable1233096.html,Reservoir,Fluid,27,Front,Rizoma,Fit,Size,Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports,-,,$48,(BLAC Rizoma Universal Fit Front Brake Fluid Reservoir Special price Size - BLAC 27 Rizoma Universal Fit Front Brake Fluid Reservoir Special price Size - BLAC 27 Brake,Universal,/catchable1233096.html,Reservoir,Fluid,27,Front,Rizoma,Fit,Size,Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports,-,,$48,(BLAC $48 Rizoma Universal Fit Front Brake Fluid Reservoir Size 27 - (BLAC Automotive Motorcycle Powersports $48 Rizoma Universal Fit Front Brake Fluid Reservoir Size 27 - (BLAC Automotive Motorcycle Powersports

Rizoma Universal Fit Front Brake Wholesale Fluid Reservoir Special price Size - BLAC 27

Rizoma Universal Fit Front Brake Fluid Reservoir Size 27 - (BLAC


Rizoma Universal Fit Front Brake Fluid Reservoir Size 27 - (BLAC

Product description

These fluid tanks are made of billet aluminum and are an extremely easy install. Comes with universal stainless steel mount brackets. With side mounted sight glass and with side outflow. Rizoma recommends this size 27 fluid tank for front brake applications, though it can be used for a clutch fluid reservoir as well in some cases. Simply the most beautifully designed and elegant fluid tanks out there and the finish is truly impeccable. Actual size is approximately 50 mm diameter x 43 mm high with a capacity of about 35 cubic millimeters.

Rizoma Universal Fit Front Brake Fluid Reservoir Size 27 - (BLAC

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