Water Games – 3: India’s self-defeating generosity

India dominates the South Asian landscape, stretching across the Himalayan range from the west to the east. On the other side of the Himalayas in the north lies Tibet – the “Water Tower of Asia” – from where most of the continent’s important rivers flow. As discussed in the previous article, Water games – 2:… Read More »

Water Games – 2: China’s intransigent hold over Asian rivers

China’s expansionism is well known. Today it has land and maritime territorial disputes with as many as 23 countries, although it shares land boundaries with only 14. At times, it grabs land through brazen invasion and annexation, as in the case of Xinjiang to its northwest and Tibet to its south. At other times, it… Read More »

Water Games – 1: Rising thirst in Asia

Asia, the world’s largest continent and home to almost 60 per cent of its population, is endowed with many of the largest and longest rivers on the planet. In fact, the abundance of fresh water from dozens of large rivers makes the Asian plains highly fertile and enables them to support large populations. However, the… Read More »

Maldives’ Yameen goes rogue, time for India to play gunboat diplomacy

On November 3, 1988, Abdullah Luthufi, a once-prominent Maldivian businessman, allegedly in connivance with Ibrahim Nasir, the country’s former president, hired about 100 gunmen from the People’s Liberation Organization of Tamil Eelam – one of several secessionist Tamil groups fighting for a separate homeland in Sri Lanka during that time – and led them to… Read More »