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DuraGo half BR901170 Vented Front Max 63% OFF Rotor Brake Disc

DuraGo BR901170 Vented Front Disc Brake Rotor


DuraGo BR901170 Vented Front Disc Brake Rotor

From the manufacturer

The DuraGo Difference

Multiple vane configurations force hot air out and pull cool air in for proper heat dissipation and improved performance.

Vane Design

Non-Directional Finish

Hub Centric Fit

High Metallurgical Standards

DuraGo Rotors
Multi-Stage Q.C. process to ensure parts meet dimensional and weight specifications
Non-Directional finish for improved brake pad bedding
Manufactured in ISO/TS 16949 certified facilities
Detailed cores for tighter tolerances and cleaner castings
SAE J431 metallurgy
Computerized Machining for tight tolerance controls

DuraGo BR901170 Vented Front Disc Brake Rotor

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