cm,,52.6,Inocuivre,/monosyllable1233676.html,,26.19,De,$159,x,x,Buyer,Saute-Pan,,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,20,13.,Straight $159 De Buyer Inocuivre Straight Saute-Pan, 20 cm, 52.6 x 26.19 x 13. Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining $159 De Buyer Inocuivre Straight Saute-Pan, 20 cm, 52.6 x 26.19 x 13. Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining cm,,52.6,Inocuivre,/monosyllable1233676.html,,26.19,De,$159,x,x,Buyer,Saute-Pan,,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,20,13.,Straight De Buyer Inocuivre Straight Saute-Pan 20 Sale SALE% OFF 52.6 x 13. cm 26.19 De Buyer Inocuivre Straight Saute-Pan 20 Sale SALE% OFF 52.6 x 13. cm 26.19

De Buyer New item Inocuivre Straight Saute-Pan 20 Sale SALE% OFF 52.6 x 13. cm 26.19

De Buyer Inocuivre Straight Saute-Pan, 20 cm, 52.6 x 26.19 x 13.


De Buyer Inocuivre Straight Saute-Pan, 20 cm, 52.6 x 26.19 x 13.

Product description

Product Description

High quality copper saute-pan with cast stainless steel handle and stainless steel inner lining, offering Good heat conduction. It measures 38.7 cm length 20 cm width by 6.5 cm height. It's 2 mm thick, 1.8 cm long and 20 cm in Diameter.

Set Contains:

1 x Inocuivre Straight Saute-Pan, 20 cm

De Buyer Inocuivre Straight Saute-Pan, 20 cm, 52.6 x 26.19 x 13.

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Silicon Cover for Wii U Gamepad Red

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