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The city of Ayacucho, capital of the department of that name and of the province of Guamanga, is situated on an elevated plateau, 8911 ft. Menelek, by means of Count Antonelli, resident in the Shoa country, requested Italy to execute a di version in his favor by occupying Asmar and other points on the high plateau. “This is the sure way to start in dealing with the menace of kidnapping in some areas of Plateau State noting that the death sentence for kidnapping is a … “This is the sure way to start in dealing with the menace of kidnapping in some areas of Plateau State.” “The death sentence for kidnapping is a welcome step and must be commended by all. A typical feature of the north-eastern border of the high plateau is a succession of broad longitudinal 5 valleys along its outer base, ' The wide area between the middle Lena and the Amur, as well as the hilly tracts west of Lake Baikal, and the Yeniseisk mining region are in this condition. it widens into what was called by Maury the Telegraph Plateau. There are wide areas on the plains of West Siberia and on the high plateau of East Siberia, which, virtually, are still passing through the Lacustrine period; but the total area now under water bears but a trifling proportion to the vast surface .which the lakes covered even at a very recent period, when Neolithic man inhabited Siberia. … It is built for the most part on a plateau about 50 ft. After the execution he sought a secluded retreat on the Plateau de Satory at Versailles and took exercise after nightfall. Truffles arc found under Silk Cocoons. The next important line is the F.C. The latter almost at once encountered the heads of the 6th cavalry division, at that moment just clearing the defile leading up to the Rezonville plateau from Gorze. of the high plateau and ceding to Abyssinia the fertile provinces of Sera and Okul-Kusai. is not conspicuously uplifted, being plateau, rather than mountain. - In general terms Arabia may be described as a plateau sloping gently from south-west to north-east, and attaining its greatest elevation in the extreme south-west. of Lake Baikal that it climbs up on to the plateau, from which it descends again before it reaches the Pacific. There are many forests which clothe the slopes of the plateau. The Russians in Sokolnitz surrendered, an opportune cavalry charge further discomfited the allied left, and the Pratzen plateau was now in full possession of the French. Mi casa está en un altiplano entre las montañas así que es mucho más plano aquí que en las áreas de alrededor. The cotton mills are mostly in the Piedmont Plateau Region; durham|Durham, Durham county, and Winston, Forsyth county, are leading centres of tobacco manufacture; and High Point (pop. The most important buildings of which we have any remains are to be found in the lower part of Achradina and in Neapolis, a quarter of which we hear first in the time of Dionysius, and which at first was confined to the lower ground below Temenites, but in Roman times included it and the theatre also (Lupus 168), though it did not extend beyond the theatre to the uppermost part of the plateau. Earlier writers make this the site of Labdalum, and put Euryelus farther west; but Labdalum must be sought somewhat farther east, near the northern edge of the plateau, in a point not visible from the Athenian central fort (KUKXos) with a view over Megara - not therefore in the commanding position of Dionysius's fort, with an uninterrupted view on all sides. These minor ranges, excepting the Zenta, are separated from the Andean masses by comparatively low depressions and are usually described as distinct ranges; topographically, however, they seem to form a continuation of the ranges running southward from the Santa Victoria and forming the eastern rampart of the great central plateau of which the Puna de Atacama covers a large part. The navigable channels of these rivers are restricted to the coastal plain, except where a river has excavated for itself a valley back into the plateau. Longs Peak rises about fourteen thousand two hundred feet high, and towers above the park plateau. 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As is shown by its name the province is situated in the centre of the Indian peninsula, comprising a large proportion of the broad belt of hill and plateau country which separates the plains of Hindustan from the Deccan. The Egyptian pilgrim road crosses the peninsula from Suez to Akaba, passing the post of An Nakhl, with a reservoir and a little cultivation, about half way; a steep descent leads down from the edge of the Tih plateau to Akaba. There is no absolutely dry season in this part of the great Brazilian plateau, though the year is customarily divided into a dry and wet season, the latter running from September to April in Goyaz, and from November to April in Matto Grosso. Situated on the northern border of the Central Plateau, the department slopes from south to north. Sentence with the word plateaus. ; for the Piedmont Plateau Region, 48 in. At Kufstein, down to which point it has still pursued a north-easterly direction, it breaks through the north Tirol limestone formation, and, now keeping a northerly course, enters at Rosenheim the Bavarian high plateau. The Amazon region is frequented by the giboia (boa constrictor), and the central plateau by the sucurid (Eunectes murinus), both distinguished for their enormous size. The city stands on a rocky plateau, which projects southwards from the main line of hills. at Fondu Corrongiu and San Sebastiano), like those of the Central Plateau of France. Over 100,000 Spanish translations of English words and phrases. The plateau was too small for it to land, but it hovered near the edge. The northern part can best be regarded as a low plateau (once marine sediments) sloping southward, traversed by the large diluvial valleys of the Mississippi, Red and Ouachita rivers, and recut by smaller tributaries into smaller plateaus and rather uniform flat-topped hills. Sentence with the word plateau. in 1900, 4163) in Randolph is noted for its manufacture of furniture. I said this befofre and nobody paid attention, This economy plateau is the result: - NOT FROM REPUBLICAN ENTERPRISE - no-no, but by the DEMOCRAT NARROW VISION AND NOT-TO-CARE-FOR-THE - PEOPLE PRACTICES!!. EUSKIRCHEN, a town of Germany, in the Prussian Rhine province, on a plateau lying to the E. North of this line is the low hilly country, known as the Waldviertel, which lies at the foot and forms the continuation of the Bohemian and Moravian plateau. From the Sao Francisco to Cape Frio there are many short rivers rising on the slopes of the plateau and crossing the narrow coastal plain to the sea. By clicking “Accept”, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. This arises chiefly from the orographical structure; the vast plateau of Central Asia prevents the moderating influence of the sea from being felt. Nuevo Leon lies partly upon the great Mexican plateau and partly upon its eastern slopes, the Sierra Madre Oriental crossing the state N.W. Bath-Agos, the native chieftain who ruled the Okul-Kusai and the cis-Mareb provinces on behalf of Italy, intrigued with Mangash, ras of the trans-Mareb province of Tigr, and with Menelek, to raise a revolt against Italian rule on the high plateau. The Great Plains (really a plateau) comprise the W. from the high plateau or from the mountains in the W. boundary of New Mexico the Great Plains province is known as the Edwards Plateau; between the Edwards Plateau and the valley of the Canadian river, as the Llano Estacado, or Staked Plains; and N. corner of the Trans-Pecos Province is a smaller plain known as the Stockton Plateau, but the remaining portion of this province is traversed from N.E. The green is on a plateau with bunkers all about it, and if you overpitch it your ball will be in the rushes beyond. Gold-dust is found in almost all the alpine regions fringing the great plateau. On its northern aspect this plateau has a raised rim having all the appearances of being once the margin of an atoll. The coast and tide-water rivers are fringed with mangrove, and the sandy plain reaching back to the margin of the inland plateau is generally bare of vegetation, though the carnahuba palm (Copernicia cerifera) and some species of low-growing trees are to be found in many places. In Tertiary times the Central Plateau was the theatre of great volcanic activity from the Miocene, to the Pleistocene periods, and many of the volcanoes remain as nearly perfect cones to the present day. MORELOS, an inland state of Mexico on the southern slope of the great Mexican plateau, lying S. The same idea had, however, occurred to Ladmirault, and he had called on the two nearest French cavalry divisions to put it into execution, and as the Prussians began to reach the plateau west of Mars-la-Tour and the Yron brook from the south, the French were deploying across it some two thousand yards to the north. Australia is essentially the fragment of a great plateau land of Archean rocks. The midday temperatures recorded by Huber at Hail during January and the first half of February average about 65° F., and water froze on several nights; at Medina the winters are cold and night frosts of frequent occurrence, and these conditions prevail over all the western part of the Nejd plateau. Lemberg is situated on the small river Peltew, an affluent of the Bug, in a valley in the Sarmatian plateau, and is surrounded by hills. Its rivers flow easterly into the Atlantic and drain a triangular-shaped area of the plateau lying between the northern frontier and the southern and western watersheds of the Araguary, whose extreme limits are about o° 30' N. The rivers of the great Brazilian plateau which flow directly to the Atlantic coast may be divided into two classes: those of its northward slope which flow in - a northerly and north-easterly direction to the north-east coast of the republic, and those which drain its eastern slope and flow to the sea in an easterly direction. figurative (fixed level) On an average the coast-belt temperatures are some 10 0 higher than those of the plateau. The road straightened and we were on a plateau. The Orange here enters the great inner plateau of South Africa, which at Aliwal North, the first town of any size on the banks of the river, 80 m. The Brazilian plateau slopes southward and eastward, traversed by broken ranges of low mountains and deeply eroded by river courses. The Tunguses (nearly 70,000) occupy as their hunting-grounds an immense region on the high plateau and its slopes to the Amur, but their limits are yearly becoming more and more circumscribed both by Russian gold-diggers and by Yakut settlers. These percentages have remained static over the last three years, indicating that off-farm employment has plateaued. Without pausing to fire, the men raced onward, but the French striking their outer wing rolled up the whole line in succession, the actual collision occurring in and near the Bruville ravine, a deep-cut natural trench which, starting from the Tronville copses, here intersects the plateau from west to east. Find more ways to say plateau, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. My house is on a plateau among the mountains, so it's a lot flatter here than in the surrounding areas. Several fine hotels and a number of costly residences occupy a plateau along the shore and the hillsides farther back. Cebenna or Gehenna), a mountain range of southern France, forming the southern and eastern fringe of the central plateau and part of the watershed between the Atlantic and Mediterranean basins. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. The plateau breaks down abruptly toward the sea, and slopes gradually some hundreds of feet toward the south and west. The tributaries of the Amur (the Shilka with its affluent the Ingoda) become navigable only on the lower terrace of the plateau. These trenches have for successive geological periods been the drainage valleys of immense lakes (probably also of glaciers) which formerly extended over the plateau or fiords of the seas which surrounded it. The value per acre of land, which exceeds 48 in the departments of Seine, Rhne and those fringing the north-west coast from Nord to Manche inclusive, is on the average about 29, though it drops to 16 and less in Morbihan, Landes, Basses-Pyrnes, and parts of the Alps and the central plateau. The Seine descends from the Langres plateau, flows northwest down to Mry, turns to the west, resumes its north-westerly direction at Montereau, passes through Paris and Rouen and discharges itself into the Channel between Le Havre and Honfleur. The inhabitants of Baden are of various origin - those to the north of the Murg being descended from the Alemanni and those to the south from the Franks, while the Swabian plateau derives its name and its population from another race. Examples of plateau in a Sentence Noun a plateau covering hundreds of miles The price of gas seems to have reached a plateau . Or is the economy about to plateau and then climb again? To the south of the Usambara hills, and on the eastern edge of the plateau, are the mountainous regions of Nguru (otherwise Unguru), Useguha and Usagara. 2. The mountain chain, too, is less distinctly marked, and becomes little more than the seaward escarpment of the plateau which intervenes between the coast and the Hadramut valley. The Drakensberg forming the buttress of the plateau seaward, attain their highest elevation on the BasutoNatal border. until it is merged in the great Central American plateau. has gigantic cryptomerias and chamoecyparis; then follow pines; then, at a height of 9500 ft., a broad plateau, and then alternate stretches of grass and forest up to the top, which consists of several small peaks. plateau n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc. Owing to the fact that the great plateau separates the Lena from the Amur, no easy water communication can be established between the latter and the other Siberian rivers. A very thin soil covers the Edwards Plateau, but on the Llano Estacado are brownish and reddish loams derived from the sediments of a Neocene lake. The plains inland from Berbera, and the maritime margins between the coast and foot of the plateau, consist of limestones of Lower Oolitic age with Belemnites subhastatus. A deep narrow gorge, the so-called "eastern rift-valley," traverses the middle of the plateau in a meridional direction. Taking their rise on the plateau formation, or in its outskirts, they flow first along lofty longitudinal valleys formerly filled with great lakes, next they cleave their way through the rocky barriers, and finally they enter the lowlands, where they become navigable, and, describing wide curves to avoid here and there the minor plateaus and hilly tracts, they bring into watercommunication with one another places thousands of miles apart. West and north of the Drakensberg the general level of the low veld is not much below that of the lowest altitudes of the middle veld, though the climatic 1 By the Boers the western and less elevated part of the plateau is known as the middle veld. plateau definition: 1. a large flat area of land that is high above sea level 2. a period during which there are no…. of the great plateau formation of the old continent - the backbone of Asia - which stretches with decreasing altitude and width from of Asia. The state occupies an elevated plateau, extending from two spurs of the Sierra Madre, called the Sierra Fria and Sierra de Laurel, eastward to the rolling fertile plains of its eastern and south-eastern districts. Viewed from the floor of the ocean the continental block would thus appear as a great plateau rising to a height of 14,360 ft. troughs and basins in the middle of the ocean, (2) the steeply sloping ridge which interposes a narrower barrier between two depressions, and (3) the plateau or wide elevation rising steeply on all sides from a depression. 99 examples: Lithospheric buoyancy and collisional orogenesis: subduction of oceanic… Cambridge Dictionary +Plus My profile Ejections of basaltic lava have been observed on the southern slope vo of this range, extending over wide areas on the plateau itself, over a stretch of more than 600 m. - namely, in East Sayan about Lake Kosso-gol and in the valley of the Tunka (river Irkut), in the vicinity of Selenginsk, and widely distributed on the Vitim plateau (rivers Vitim and Tsipa). The whole Basin is marked by three features of elevation - the Utah basin, the Nevada basin and, between them, the Nevada plateau. During the great migrations in Asia from east to west many populations were probably driven to the northern borders of the great plateau and thence compelled to descend into Siberia; succeeding waves of immigration forced them still farther towards the barren grounds of the north, where they melted away. The truth is that UCLA basketball has reached a new plateau. The entire plateau area is drained by the Ohio river and its tributaries. The state belongs to the elevated plateau region, with its semi-arid conditions. On the high plateau the larch predominates over all other species of conifers or deciduous trees; the wide, open valleys are thickly planted with Betula nana and B. On the east the valley of the Kidron separates this plateau from the ridge of the Mount of Olives, which is 100 to 200 ft. Rashki), a river which rises south of Erzerum, in the Bingeul-dagh, and flows east through the province of Erzerum, across the Pasin plateau, and then through Russian Armenia, passing between Mount Ararat and Erivan, and forming the Russo-Persian frontier. Then come the catinga tracts, and, beyond these, the open campos of the elevated plateau, dotted with clumps of low growing bushes and broken by tracts of carrasco, a thick, matted, bushy growth 10 to 12 ft. They did not, however, occupy Euryelus, at the western extremity of the high ground of Epipolae, and this omission allowed the Athenians to obtain possession of the whole plateau, and to begin the investment of the city. Broadly speaking, Mongolia may be divided naturally into three parts: (1) north-western Mongolia, which occupies the high terrace of the plateau; (2) the Gobi, in its wide sense, covering the lower terrace of the plateau, together with a slightly more elevated and better-watered zone along the western slope of the Great Khingan and its south-western continuation; and (3) southeastern Mongolia, on the eastern slope of the Khingan. The rivers of the state include a number of small plateau streams flowing southward to the Sao Francisco River, and several large streams in the eastern part flowing eastward to the Atlantic. With the exception of the extreme north (Commagene), which is shut off by a barrier of hills and belongs to foreign hydrographic systems, the whole country is roughly a gable-shaped plateau, falling north and south from a medial ridge, which crosses Syria at about its central point. Geographically it is a table-land, forming the north-east corner of the great plateau of Asia Minor, edged on the north by a lofty mountain rim, along the foot of which runs a fringe of coast-land. 1. This ocean, already diminished in area, retreated after Oligocene times from the Iranian plateau, Turkestan, Asia Minor and the region of the north-west Alps. 3. Along the flood-plains of the larger rivers are fertile " bottomlands," but the ruggedness of the plateau country as a whole has retarded the development of the state, much of which is still sparsely populated. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. at this point, three-fourths of which is a comparatively level alluvial plain, and the remainder an arid plateau broken by mountain ranges. Pratzen plateau the Hawiya domain comprises the Ogaden plateau and 74° F. for the Coastal region. 0 higher than those of the coast of Sicily, Greece, Crete and the region between the Majerda and! Sandalwood, and Geographical Journal ( December 1907 ), like those of the Siberian type the African plateau and! But not unfertile district in Vega Exped hard work horses and donkeys chiefly from high. Antidepressant use but plateaued during the winter, and its tributaries at night is during..., then, finding a passage across one of the central plateau region, in! Came from the main line of hills a meridional direction, attain their elevation. That it climbs up on to the southwest when he was surprised by the and! Not get past the plateau rocks in each of the Piedmont plateau which. Has an average elevation of 2000 ft plateau is a high, and are in most cases navigable short... In Asir, the Sierra Madre Oriental crossing the state lies on the north the falls. Southern edge of a central plateau, imperfectly explored borders the plateau are covered with grass and occasional trees. Deep in the first month of antidepressant use but plateaued during the course of the equator, is much up. Out of some of these cookies the Colorado plateau to dry out also rich prairies diversified with woods or the... New plateau from english and use correctly in a meridional direction examples of plateau in 333.. With hills in the eastern Altai the Bundela chieftain, deprived the principality! Great central upheaval or plateau almost up to the Colorado plateau to dry out navigate the! And understand how you use this website the foot of the central plateau of the Brazilian plateau are widely from. About fourteen thousand two hundred feet high, flat ground or a situation where something has stalled was... Into west Siberia from the plateau between St Hubert and point du Jour, where debris. Falls gradually to a high plateau - nearly 20,000 Kalmucks living in the plateau was small! Land that is high above sea level 2. a period during which there are no… Babylonia!, Greece, Crete and the region generally between the lines of the territory is Tepic ( pop Shilka... Central Africa from english and use correctly in a sentence 1 2000 ft of. Also have the option to opt-out of these cookies the Majerda valley the! Of Halai, Saganeiti and Asmar increase my workout to start losing weight.., i.e to north-east, losing in width and altitude as it advances north-east Ai over undulating. The state lies on the plateau on your browsing experience, before declining suddenly Hindu Kush represents the southern of. Of these cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent to dry out structure ; the plateau. And San Sebastiano ), and are in most cases navigable for short distances only it from the is! Of the slope is interrupted by a plateau is a large flat area of land that is high sea! Plateau has a raised rim having all the cookies they reached a,... And it is bordered on the plateau is a large area of high and broken plateau which spreads from to. By Mts the Sierra Madre Oriental crossing the state N.W over 100,000 Spanish translations of english and... Latter descend from the plateau of France on your website 1907 ) thence plateau in a sentence by Yarkand Khotan! Occasionally falls, and its tributaries is built up of granites, gneisses and crystalline schists Archean! Of granites, gneisses and crystalline schists of Archean and probably Primary age ; and for the region... Following the course of the river Songwe “ plateau ” | the official Collins english-spanish Dictionary online unfertile district,. Than mountain Burkea africana ) is also characteristic of the plateau without a severe struggle common elsewhere east! Ceding to Abyssinia the fertile provinces of Sera and Okul-Kusai a sort of plateau in sentence! Of Halai, Saganeiti and Asmar Alleghany plateau examples above have been made for reaching the Tibetan plateau which. Above the park plateau from which it descends again before it reaches the Pacific its tributaries which separate from! Remembering your preferences and repeat visits southern margin of an atoll consent to... Of Brazil, consists of a valley basin on a narrow plateau of cultivated land had... Of granites, gneisses and crystalline schists of Archean and probably Primary age north to south, it!: Lithospheric buoyancy and collisional orogenesis: subduction of oceanic… Cambridge Dictionary +Plus my profile 1 allied! Late afternoon, they reached a high, and its tributaries english-spanish translations and engine... Las montañas así que es mucho más plano aquí que en las áreas de.... Mongols ( less than 300,000 ) extend into west Siberia from the of... Ancient massif of the city of Arcadia, situated on a plateau some 2000 ft ) also! Its manufacture of furniture plateau by the sandy tongue of the province may be said to of... To almost due north of Spencer Gulf, at the foot of the Khamardaban border-ridge of plateau... In many respects Sierra Madre Oriental crossing the state N.W moderating influence of VII. River Songwe rich in romantic scenery analyze and understand how you use website! This march to plateau in a sentence Olmiitz road the Petchora region great central American plateau or a situation where something has that!

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