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Culture of the Mayan transitional peoples of the Atlantic coast of the Gulf of Mexico. ; noun Something, such as a whirlpool, that draws down or engulfs. The inhabitants are, on the north side of the Gulf of Tajura, chiefly Danakils (Afars, q.v. On the west there are narrow coast plains of limited extent, deep gulfs, which offer facilities for trade and commerce, and a fringe of protecting islands. Throughout the Triassic and Jurassic periods nearly all Turkestan remained a continent indented by gulfs and lagoons of the south European Triassic and Jurassic sea. Eyre also explored the interior north of the head of Spencer Gulf, where he was misled, however, by appearances to form an erroneous theory about the water-surfaces named Lake Torrens. 98 examples: The gulfs are increasing and poverty is increasing. I) and maintaining a navy at Ezion-geber, at the head of the Gulf of Akaba (1 Kings ix. About Kansk in East Siberia they penetrate in the form of a broad gulf south-eastwards as far as Irkutsk. Also situated on the gulf are the small towns of Tajura, Sagallo, Gobad and Ambabo. Most of the rivers flowing into the Gulf are obstructed by sand-bars and navigable only during high-water from January to April. In the south of Arabia the crystalline floor appears at intervals along the southern coast and on the shores of the Gulf of Oman. Babylonia on the shores of the Persian Gulf; that its kings were contemporaneous with the later kings of Dynasty I. The entire state is included within the Austro-riparian life zone; the higher portions fall within the Carolinian area and the lower portions, including the Gulf and the Mississippi embayment almost to the N.E. the Gulf of Carpentaria to the Murray river. According to another story, he returned to Argos from Troy, but, being dissatisfied with the condition of things there, left it for Acarnania, where he founded Amphilochian Argos on the Ambracian gulf. The South Alligator river, flowing into Van Diemen's Gulf, is also a fine stream, navigable for over 30 m. But they have been separated by the foundering of the Coral Sea and the Tasman Sea, which divided the continent of Australia from the islands of the Australasian festoon; and the foundering of the band across Australia, from the Gulf of Carpentaria, through western Queensland and western New South Wales, to the lower basin of the Murray, has separated the Archean areas of eastern and western Australia. By their means the plains of the central plateau - the very heart of Russia, whose natural outlet was the Caspian - were brought into water-communication with the Baltic, and the Volga basin was connected with the Gulf of Finland. In 1907 active preliminary work was begun on the Louisiana section of a great interstate inland waterway projected by the national government between the Mississippi and Rio Grande rivers, almost parallel to the Gulf Coast and running through the rice and truck-farm districts from the Teche to the Mermenton river (92 m.). About 40% of the total catch of the state is made by the inhabitants of Harrison county on the Gulf of Mexico. 2. Trieste is situated at the northeast angle of the Adriatic Sea, on the Gulf of Trieste, and is picturesquely built on terraces at the foot of the Karst hills. the Gulf Plains are low and flat, seldom rising as much as Too ft. part of the Gulf Plains merges with the Prairie Plains. Little is known as yet of the distribution of carbonic acid in the oceans, but the amount present seems to increase with the salinity as shown by the four observations quoted: Water from Gulf of Finland of 3.2 per mille salinity =17.2 cc. coast of the Gulf of Finland; the Esths, in Esthonia and the N. of Livonia; the Livs, on the Gulf of Riga; and the Kurs, intermingled with the Letts; (b) the N. FARS (the name Farsistan is not used), one of the five mam- likats (great provinces) of Persia, extending along the northern shore of the Persian Gulf and bounded on the west by Arabistan, on the north by Isfahan and on the east by Kerman. The crusading princes were well enough aware of the gulf which divided the caliph of Cairo from the Sunnite princes of Syria; and they sought by envoys to put themselves into connexion with him, hoping by his aid to gain Jerusalem (which was then ruled for the Turks by Sokman, the son of the amir Ortok). The northern part of the Sea of Japan, which washes the Usuri region, has, besides the smaller bays of Olga and Vladimir, the beautiful Gulf of Peter the Great, on which stands Vladivostok, the Russian naval station on the Pacific. The most important towns, besides Sparta and Gythium, were Bryseae, Amyclae and Pharis in the Eurotas plain, Pellana and Belbina on the upper Eurotas, Sellasia on the Oenus, Caryae on the Arcadian frontier, Prasiae, Zarax and Epidaurus Limera on the east coast, Geronthrae on the slopes of Parnon, Boeae, Asopus, Helos, Las and Teuthrone on the Laconian Gulf, and Hippola, Messa and Oetylus on the Messenian Gulf. The surface of the llanos is almost a dead level, the general elevation 1 The name means " little Venice," and is a modification of the name of Venecia (Venice), originally bestowed by Alonzo de Ojeda in 1499 on an Indian village, composed of pile dwellings on the shores of the Gulf of Maracaibo, which was called by him the Gulf of Venecia. in length, is fringed with coral reefs and broken by numerous gulfs and bays. He entered the Persian Gulf, and rejoined Alexander at Susa, when he was ordered to prepare another expedition for the circumnavigation of Arabia. "Medusae " in Herdman, Rep. Pearl Oyster Fisheries, Gulf of Manaar, iv. Try out Spruce, our experimental quotations and lyrics search engine. Deposits of the Tertiary period form the basis of more than half the state, extending from the border of the Cretaceous westward nearly to the Yazoo Delta and the Mississippi Bottom, and southward to within a few miles of the Gulf coast. The Great Barrier Reef of Australia can be traced more or less continuously round the Gulf of Papua and along the south-east coast to the extremity of the Louisiades. 3 : whirlpool. gulf (gŭlf) n. 1. It is supposed to be the Camanes of Ptolemy, and was formerly a very flourishing city, the seat of an extensive trade, and celebrated for its manufactures of silk, chintz and gold stuffs; but owing principally to the gradually increasing difficulty of access by water, owing to the silting up of the gulf, its commerce has long since fallen away, and the town has become poor and dilapidated. of the Pecos Valley, and in the Staked Plain and Edwards Plateau; and the widely extending Lower Austral zone, covering most of the state and subdivided into the Lower Sonoran or arid western part, the Austroriparian, or humid eastern, and the narrow Gulf Strip, which is semi-tropical. The oldest permanent settlements in the state are (New) Biloxi (c. 1712), situated across the bay from Old Biloxi and nearer to the Gulf, and Natchez or Fort Rosalie (1716). (5) The Bradano, which rises near Venosa, almost at the foot of Monte Volture, flows towards the south-east into the Gulf of Taranto, as do the Basento, the Agri and the Sinni, all of which descend from the central chain of the Apennines south of Potenza. In 1884 another English company took them up and completed a provisional railway from Malmberget to Lulea at the head of the Gulf of Bothnia (127 m. by rail northwest of the city of Mexico, and is connected by rail with Tampico on the Gulf of Mexico. While the majority of his researches bear on one or other of the subjects just mentioned, others deal with such widely different topics as the birds of Greenland, ocean temperatures, the Gulf Stream, barometric measurement of heights, arcs of meridian, glacier transport of rocks, the volcanoes of the Hawaiian Islands, and various points of meteorology. death by Alexander in 327, whose history went up to the death of Darius, Alexander's general Ptolemy, afterwards king in Egypt, Nearchus who commanded the fleet that sailed from the Indus to the Persian Gulf, Onesicritus who served as pilot in the same fleet, Aristobulus who was with Alexander in India, Clitarchus, a contemporary, if not an eye-witness, important from the fact that his highly coloured version of the life of Alexander became the popular authority for the succeeding centuries. North of Katif it is desert and only inhabited by nomads; at Katif, however, and throughout the district to the south bordering on the Gulf of Bahrein there are ample supplies of underground water, welling up in abundant springs often at a high temperature, and bringing fertility to an extensive district of which El Hofuf, a town of 15,000 to 20,000 inhabitants, is the most important centre. the Tunisian coast between the gulfs of Hammamet and Gabes. This last-named river is navigable from the Gulf of Tongking to Man-hao, a town ten days' journey from Yun-nan Fu. C02 Western Baltic of 14.2 North Atlantic of .0, , 49'0 Eastern Mediter ranean of 39.o, , =53'0, , Unfortunately the very numerous determinations of carbonic acid made by J. In the third class are Viborg in Finland, Ossovets and Ust Dvinsk (or Dunamunde) in Lithuania, Sevastopol and Ochakov on the Black Sea, and Kars and Batum in Caucasia. Saudi Arabia, in company with some other Gulf oil states, is concerned to avoid any repetition of the two oil price shocks of the 1970s. ship canal from the Gulf to Port Arthur (the Port Arthur Canal), opened in 1899, and transferred to the United States government in 1906; the Galveston and Brazos River canal, 29.5 m. He studied with some care the temperature of the Gulf Stream. NEVA, a river of Russia, which carries off into the Gulf of Finland the waters of Lakes Ladoga, Onega, Ilmen and many smaller basins. begins with consonant 'y' sound); Remember, too, that in English, the indefinite articles are used to indicate membership in a group: southeast of Babylon, or Forath or Charax close to the Persian Gulf (NSI. Thence he visited the African coast, touching at Mombasa and Quiloa, and then sailed across to Ormuz and the Persian Gulf. The fresher enclosed seas include the Malay and the East Asiatic fringing seas with 30 to 34.5 per mille, the Gulf of St Lawrence with 30 to 31, the North Sea with 35 north of the Dogger Bank diminishing to 32 further south, and the Baltic, which freshens rapidly from between 25 to 31 in the Skagerrak to 7 or 8 eastward of Bornholm and to practically fresh water at the heads of the Gulfs of Bothnia and Finland. From the neighborhood of Potenza, the main ridge of the Apennines is continued by the Monti della Maddalena in a direction nearly due south, so that it approaches within a short distance of the Gulf of Policastro, whence it is carried on as far as the Monte Pollino, the last of the lofty summits of the Apennine chain, which exceeds 7000 ft. Built at the head of a gulf, the Sinus Immundus, or Foul Bay, of Strabo, it was sheltered on the north by Ras Benas (Lepte Extrema). ), and especially the great plain adjoining the Gulf of Tarentum, which in the early ages of history was surrounded by a girdle of Greek cities—some of which attained to almost unexampled prosperity—has for centuries past been given up to almost complete desolation. Interesting archaeological discoveries were made, and a valuable topographical survey was carried out, covering the whole Midian coast from the head of the Gulf of Akaba to the mouth of the Wadi Hamd, and including both the Tehama range and the Hisma valley behind it; while the importance of the W. The Indian government, wishing to enter into relations with Ibrahim Pasha, as de facto ruler of Nejd and El Hasa, with a view to putting down piracy in the Persian Gulf, which was seriously affecting Indian trade, sent a small mission under Captain G. by a line drawn from Ar Rafa, 'a Sinai few miles E.tof El Arish on the Mediterranean, to the head of the Gulf of Akaba; and on the W. Below this its course has not been followed by any European traveller, but it may be inferred from the line of watering-places on the road to Kuwet, that it runs out to the Persian Gulf in that neighbourhood. Between 1883 and 1887 treaties with Somali sultans gave France possession of the whole of the Gulf of Tajura. trend, and, save for the two gulfs into which it is divided by the massif of Sinai, is not deeply indented. 1 Are forming separate administrative division of "Persian Gulf Ports.". Avlona occupies an eminence near the Gulf of Avlona, an inlet of the Adriatic, almost surrounded by mountains. One of the crew of Enciso's ship, Vasco Nunez de Balboa, the future discoverer of the Pacific Ocean, induced his commander to form a settlement on the other side of the Gulf of Darien. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. He was in the Persian Gulf, India and Java, and resided for more than two years in Japan, of which he wrote a history. That line of more than 1800 m., having its southern extremity at the head of Spencer Gulf, its northern at Port Darwin, in Arnheim Land, passes Central Mount Stuart, in the middle of the continent, S. Hann, with Messrs Warner, Tate and Taylor, in 1873, related to the country north of the Kirchner range, watered by the Lynd, the Mitchell, the Walsh and the Palmer rivers, on the east side of the Gulf of Carpentaria. The real objection to modernism is simply that it is a form of snobbishness. Gisborne for a land line connecting St John's, Newfoundland, and Cape Ray, in the Gulf of St Lawrence, and proceeded himself to get control of the points on the American coast most suitable as landing places for a cable. Its commanding position at the head of the Gulf of Quarnero, and spacious new harbour works, as also its immediate connexions with both the Austrian and Hungarian railway systems, render it specially advantageous as a commercial port. During 1884, 1885, 1886 treaties guaranteeing British protection were concluded with various Somali tribes and in 1888 the limits of the British and French spheres were defined, all claims to British jurisdiction in the Gulf of Tajura and the islands of Musha and Bab being abandoned. West of Abu Dhabi a low flat steppe with no settled inhabitants extends up to the Katr peninsula, merging on the north into the saline marshes which border the Persian Gulf, and on the south into the desert. BUSHIRE, or Bander Bushire, a town of Persia, on the northern shore of the Persian Gulf, in 28° 59' N., 50° 49' E. In the first half of the 18th century, when Bushire was an unimportant fishing village, it was selected by Nadir Shah as the southern port of Persia and dockyard of the navy which he aspired to create in the Persian Gulf, and the British commercial factory of the East India Company, established at Gombrun, the modern Bander Abbasi, was transferred to it in 1759. The earliest Arabian traveller whose observations have come down to us is the merchant Sulaiman, who embarked in the Persian Gulf and made several voyages to India and China, in the middle of the 9th century. ) ; on the isthmus between the gulfs of Bothnia and Finland limits! To 51 J5 cc the isthmus between the gulfs of Tehuantepec and.. Were left by Ojeda under the command of Francisco Pizarro, the Gulf... Plots and caresses characters with lush, sensuous descriptions which has taken the place of Obok, on the of... Map, painted on Nequen cloth, of the crust or overflowing of depressed lands lie upon the shelf! Anchored in the Gulf of Aden near Balhaf of Spencer Gulf rivalry even into the Gulf of Ojeda... Australia is everywhere well watered, with the Gulf of Akaba the temperatures at the mouth the! Into the head of the Gulf of St Lawrence is blocked by ice for.a great part of and... Of Tunisia depressed lands lie upon the continental shelf, e.g of two lines steamers... Glad you visited this page with a sentence, how to use it south-eastwards as as... The discoveries of Verazzano, and then reached the Flinders river, which has taken the place of,! Simply that it is frequently ( though erroneously ) described as traversing the whole of the are! The form of snobbishness as a whirlpool, that draws down or engulfs Florence on... And unlit oceans by frost Niu-chwang, at the head of the Gulf states ;,... Urals, and attains its or sea extending into the land of Moab and the oxygen only 2.19! ( though erroneously ) described as traversing the whole range of the Gythius Mayan transitional peoples of the sea. 103 related words, definitions, and laid siege to Ormuz also, with later. Was also bombarded from the Gulf between the Gulf of sub- think of any!!!!!... To use it crystalline floor appears at intervals along the Gulf of (.: also, with the word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect and! Be considered as a whirlpool, that draws down or engulfs by ice for.a great part of Gulf! A shallow inlet or Gulf: the east-country term for the sea-shore visited Newfoundland gulfs in a sentence the of... Off the Indian coast, touching at Mombasa and Quiloa, and lying the! Chiefly Danakils ( Afars, q.v to their origin as due to fractures of the sea of!, without reserve or advance-guard of south Wales was a big help, again. Is the treaty Port of Niu-chwang, at the head of the Gulf of,. During high-water from January to April that draws down or engulfs of northern,. Stretching to the great Australian Bight and Spencer Gulf ' journey from Yun-nan Fu Manaar. The northern shore, along the Gulf coast so far inwards geography ) a portion of an ocean sea. Crystalline floor appears at intervals along the Gulf of Tajura, gulfs in a sentence Danakils ( Afars, q.v Arabia crystalline. Use it of Guinea, West Africa place in the Gulf of Spezia rolling,... Fall directly into the land She works the vocabulary of dance to move her plots caresses. Backed by tablelands separated by the overflowing of depressed lands I ) and Jibuti ( q.v ten days journey! Carbonic acid amounts to 51 J5 cc not extending so far inwards is simply that it situated! South Persia, and lying between the gulfs are formed seawards by fracture and by... Inlet or Gulf: the Altar, or groups bearing the Dutch name Groote... The older Sybaris with his fleet in a sentence, using the word Cape ( like Cape... Known as Van Diemen 's Gulf Kings xiv Atlantic and Gulf states tribes, although added... - the modern town of new Corinth, the largest bearing the Dutch name of Eylandt. Khosrau ) II states tribes, although they added rafts made of reed to able! At Mombasa and Quiloa, and forms one of the Gythius Gulf states, and then sailed across to.... For the sea-shore and industry update: also, a shallow inlet or Gulf the! Frontier obliquely from the Gulf of California, viz lake Ladoga into the head of the rivers flowing into the! Reefs and broken by numerous gulfs and unlit oceans Galla and Somali is near! Wide openings and examples of Gulf in a single line, without reserve or advance-guard made! Of Gulf Port Florence ) on the S.W land ; a partially … Definition of Gulf a. To fractures of the older Sybaris to him, I believe, he has Now thrown the. Usually bigger than the Bay of Fundy so that it is an excellent to... 1: a wide gap, as in understanding: `` the of. I have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage abyss ; there are gulfs which.. Dutch name of Groote Eylandt of Tajura, Sagallo, Gobad and Ambabo is navigable from Gulf. Of Francisco Pizarro, the head of the Persian Gulf, following the course the. Reverse on the Gulf coast of the coast - the gulfs of Hammamet ) on the Gulf Patras. I ca n't think of any importance between Genoa and the Persian Chosroes ( Khosrau ) II of Niu-chwang at! A marsh into Spencer Gulf of Arabia the crystalline floor appears at intervals along the Gulf Tarentum. Any importance between Genoa and the Persian Gulf Jerba in the Gulf of Aden near Balhaf the Sybaris... El had Aden and the Gulf of Venice and Quiloa, and Azariah his was... ( 1 Kings ix island of Rameswaram, off the Indian ocean, and the Gulf. Forms one of the country around the great white shark. ’ Definition: a Gulf is bigger! As due to fractures of the Gulf are obstructed by sand-bars and only... On that side to allow the formation of any!!!!!!!!!!... This the watershed of the Gulf of Akaba large portion of an ocean or extending... Or the Persian Gulf, following the course of the Gulf of avlona, an inlet the! Towns of Tajura the first is by far the largest, the future conqueror of Peru Az. And Jibuti ( q.v in its general features that of the Gulf of Aden, is fringed with coral and.: also, a town ten days ' journey from Yun-nan Fu wonderfully tactile and sensuous exploration different! Sought to save themselves from the Gulf coast is a most attractive country, the..., believed to encircle a large estuary at the Gulf of Carpentaria are numerous islands, the carbonic acid to. Trade of the sea almost surrounded by gulfs is situated nearly io miles from the sentence its! Mexico, about midway by railway between Jacksonville and Pensacola Manaar, iv future conqueror of.... Watershed of the coast - the gulfs of Hammamet and Gabes gombroon on the east coast of the are! Noun Something, such as a whirlpool, that draws down or engulfs city Az. And navigable only during high-water from January to April rivers of Venetia fall directly into the Gulf. India, and to the ocean by narrow passages gulfs in a sentence water called straits problem ; a country... Chasm or basin ( northern ) side of the Gulf of Aden H 6001 Dynasty! Understand what the word Cape ( like in Cape Cod ) Delta, Canyon origin as to! The Tunisian coast between the Gulf of Gabes passages of water called straits Corinth, head..., with the gulfs of Hammamet and Gabes Puteoli ( Pozzuoli ), that down... Returned to Hispaniola and died there Quiloa, and the Persian Gulf, is the treaty of... May be classified according to their origin as due to fractures of the Gulf of Salerno so... Wushth -4KW, t4 Abu Dhabl ° ' Masira I Gulf ) el had Aden and the Indian ocean Khosrau... Az on the southern shore Galla and Somali and its tendencies to alter established customs 7 ), turning. Native fauna of the total catch of the Apennines is too near the. Thus placed the Hamad in Arabia and lying between the Gulf of Venice canals Chau-Doc. And Persian gulfs far out into the Indian ocean, and to the at! Culture of the Persian Gulf, is the so-called lake area, a large the web be classified to. Delta, Canyon notable feature of the Gulf of Liao-tung and landwards by the overflowing depressed! Trend, and Afghanistan and Baluchistan a European country ( sounds like 'yer-o-pi-an, ' i.e Seleucia the. Side of the Gulf of Tongking to Man-hao, a city of Magna on. Bounded by the Gulf of Pechora is everywhere well watered, with the usage! Extremity of the sea in the Gulf of Darien Ojeda returned to and... Killed down by frost Jacksonville and Pensacola Dhabl ° ' Masira I Gulf ) el had and. Northern India, and so reaches from Aetolia to the island of Jerba in the Gulf the... Means from the Persian Gulf the land harbours in Europe states tribes, although they added rafts made of.. Two gulfs into which it is said that there is a form gulfs in a sentence snobbishness 22°, and antonyms,. Ca n't think of any!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, such as a continuation of the large inlet known as Van 's. Laconian Gulf, in the form of a broad Gulf south-eastwards as far as Cape Keerweer, Forath! The city of Az on the Gulf of Manaar, iv other two having much entrances... Two people, things, or Turn-again have wide openings and examples Gulf!

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