290SENW,Maclocks,Secure,for,$79,www.goldenarcher.net,Wall,Electronics , Computers Accessories,Pro,/incandent1644848.html,Enclosure,Mount,iPad,Space Maclocks 290SENW Secure Space OFFicial site Enclosure iPad Wall Pro for Mount $79 Maclocks 290SENW Secure Space Enclosure Wall Mount for iPad Pro Electronics Computers Accessories 290SENW,Maclocks,Secure,for,$79,www.goldenarcher.net,Wall,Electronics , Computers Accessories,Pro,/incandent1644848.html,Enclosure,Mount,iPad,Space Maclocks 290SENW Secure Space OFFicial site Enclosure iPad Wall Pro for Mount $79 Maclocks 290SENW Secure Space Enclosure Wall Mount for iPad Pro Electronics Computers Accessories

Maclocks 290SENW Secure Space OFFicial site Enclosure iPad Super sale period limited Wall Pro for Mount

Maclocks 290SENW Secure Space Enclosure Wall Mount for iPad Pro


Maclocks 290SENW Secure Space Enclosure Wall Mount for iPad Pro

Product description


Enclosure Versions for: iPad Pro 12.9

The Space iPad Enclosure features rounded edges and open corners for improved ventilation and allows for limited access to buttons and inputs.
Included is a removable home button cover to restrict access to the main button. As with all our iPad lock and tablet lock devices, the tablet can be continuously charged while in the enclosure and have peripheral cables plugged in while mounted.

Mount this enclosure flush to the wall or surface via the standard VESA pattern or pair it with one of stands for additional kiosk experiences.

iPad Space Enclosure Includes:
* Lockable High Grade Aluminum Enclosure
* VESA Mount Pattern on Back of Enclosure
* Removable Home Button Cover
* 2 Enclosure Keys

Maclocks 290SENW Secure Space Enclosure Wall Mount for iPad Pro

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