$25 Yorkshire Terrier Necklace in Sterling Silver on an 18 Inch Ster Handmade Products Jewelry $25 Yorkshire Terrier Necklace in Sterling Silver on an 18 Inch Ster Handmade Products Jewelry Yorkshire Terrier Necklace in Sterling Silver Inch 18 Sales for sale an on Ster Sterling,in,Yorkshire,Necklace,Silver,Inch,Ster,18,www.goldenarcher.net,on,$25,an,Handmade Products , Jewelry,/germinally1233588.html,Terrier Yorkshire Terrier Necklace in Sterling Silver Inch 18 Sales for sale an on Ster Sterling,in,Yorkshire,Necklace,Silver,Inch,Ster,18,www.goldenarcher.net,on,$25,an,Handmade Products , Jewelry,/germinally1233588.html,Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier Necklace in Fashionable Sterling Silver Inch 18 Sales for sale an on Ster

Yorkshire Terrier Necklace in Sterling Silver on an 18 Inch Ster


Yorkshire Terrier Necklace in Sterling Silver on an 18 Inch Ster

Yorkshire Terrier necklace in sterling silver on an 18 inch sterling silver cable chain. It is presented on a card that reads: "Some Friends Have to Walk on Four Legs Just So They Can Carry Around Such Big Hearts"
This adorable pooch charm is just begging to come home!

A sweet Yorkie puppy, with a little cut out heart, is just the thing for your Yorkie loving friends. Adopt this little dog for a friend or yourself, and it will be sure to bring out smiles.

The chain we used is a sturdy, strong sterling silver cable chain - it is 1.3 mm in width.

●Measurements: 18 mm x 12 mm
●Sterling silver cable chain
●Handcrafted in our studio in Brewerton, NY
●Perfect gift for you or loved one
●Materials and Finish: Sterling silver
●Chains guaranteed for one year
●Gift Box and Ribbon
●100% happiness guarantee

We use .925 Sterling Silver that we source from reputable companies in the United States.

Yorkshire Terrier Necklace in Sterling Silver on an 18 Inch Ster

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