$70 Quartet WM3618 Prestige Cubicle Total Erase Whiteboard, 36 x 18, Office Products Office School Supplies Total,x,/distinguishably1644126.html,WM3618,Prestige,Whiteboard,,36,18,,Cubicle,$70,www.goldenarcher.net,Erase,Office Products , Office School Supplies,Quartet Total,x,/distinguishably1644126.html,WM3618,Prestige,Whiteboard,,36,18,,Cubicle,$70,www.goldenarcher.net,Erase,Office Products , Office School Supplies,Quartet $70 Quartet WM3618 Prestige Cubicle Total Erase Whiteboard, 36 x 18, Office Products Office School Supplies Quartet WM3618 Prestige Cubicle Total x 18 Whiteboard Erase 36 Dallas Mall Quartet WM3618 Prestige Cubicle Total x 18 Whiteboard Erase 36 Dallas Mall

Quartet WM3618 Prestige Cubicle Total x 18 Whiteboard Erase 36 Dallas Mall Lowest price challenge

Quartet WM3618 Prestige Cubicle Total Erase Whiteboard, 36 x 18,


Quartet WM3618 Prestige Cubicle Total Erase Whiteboard, 36 x 18,

Product description

Highly durable whiteboard with Total Erase surface resists staining and ghosting. Delivers superior performance when planning and organization are needed in personal workstations. Writing surface features light grid pattern for writing alignment. Easy-to-clean writing surface requires occasional use of Quartet cleaning solutions. Mount to any cubicle wall. Three cubicle installation options with mistake-proof hanging system plus easy-to-use wall-mount hardware. Contemporary finished frame complements any cubicle decor. Attached marker tray and one Quartet dry-erase marker included. Group with other Quartet Prestige Cubicle Boards for a complete organization system.

Quartet WM3618 Prestige Cubicle Total Erase Whiteboard, 36 x 18,

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