$31 Nantucket Home Solid Swirl Melamine Oval Serving Platter, 20-Inc Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Nantucket Home Solid Swirl Melamine Serving 20-Inc Limited price sale Oval Platter Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Nantucket,Melamine,Home,20-Inc,Serving,Platter,,www.goldenarcher.net,Solid,Swirl,/delighter1643982.html,Oval,$31 Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Nantucket,Melamine,Home,20-Inc,Serving,Platter,,www.goldenarcher.net,Solid,Swirl,/delighter1643982.html,Oval,$31 Nantucket Home Solid Swirl Melamine Serving 20-Inc Limited price sale Oval Platter $31 Nantucket Home Solid Swirl Melamine Oval Serving Platter, 20-Inc Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

Nantucket Regular store Home Solid Swirl Melamine Serving 20-Inc Limited price sale Oval Platter

Nantucket Home Solid Swirl Melamine Oval Serving Platter, 20-Inc


Nantucket Home Solid Swirl Melamine Oval Serving Platter, 20-Inc

Product description


Brighten up your favorite meals using our oval serving platter. Featuring a lightweight, shatterproof construction with a swirled texture, this solid dish is a smart and stylish addition to your table.

Nantucket Home Solid Swirl Melamine Oval Serving Platter, 20-Inc

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