$79 Fennco Styles Toscana Contemporary Hemstitched Linen Blend 65 x Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Fennco Styles Toscana Contemporary Hemstitched Blend Linen 65 Tucson Mall x Fennco Styles Toscana Contemporary Hemstitched Blend Linen 65 Tucson Mall x 65,Styles,Fennco,$79,Hemstitched,x,www.goldenarcher.net,/delighter1233182.html,Toscana,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Contemporary,Linen,Blend $79 Fennco Styles Toscana Contemporary Hemstitched Linen Blend 65 x Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining 65,Styles,Fennco,$79,Hemstitched,x,www.goldenarcher.net,/delighter1233182.html,Toscana,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Contemporary,Linen,Blend

Fennco Styles Toscana Sale Contemporary Hemstitched Blend Linen 65 Tucson Mall x

Fennco Styles Toscana Contemporary Hemstitched Linen Blend 65 x


Fennco Styles Toscana Contemporary Hemstitched Linen Blend 65 x

Product description

Size:65 x 160 Inch, Tablecloth

At Fennco Styles you can shop a carefully selected range of home, lifestyle, and gift products.
"We believe our homes should be reflections of the journeys we take. Our personal spaces deserve designs with a soul, a story, and a purpose."
Our lifestyle brands offer inspired living through high-quality products, exclusive designs, and timeless style that provide seamless shopping solutions through online store – shipped directly from the studios straight to your front door. We also aim to source ethically, looking for products that are made from sustainable materials and designed to last and seeking out Makers that are conscious of their impact on the environment.
With a distinct architectural aesthetic, experiential store environment, and online community, we engage with our customers through social media, mobile shopping, design services, gift registry, and more.

A touch of chic, contemporary style that's gorgeous on any table, this tablecloth is made from premium linen-cotton blend. Constructed from 80 percent polyester and 20 percent soft linen, this classic hemstitched table cover combines durability with softness. The tan color is sure to fit in well with your existing decor.
Packing Include: 4 Placemats
Size: 65 x 160 inch
Material: 20% linen, 80% Polyester
Care Instructions: machine washable, tumble or line dry and no colors ran, warm water with mild detergent on a gentle cycle, dry on low temp

We are passionate about creating and curating high-quality products that fit our customers’ personal tastes and lifestyles.
We are connected to our customers with a personalized customer service team on hand to offer styling advice, delivery information or to assist you with placing an order; just ask us on the above section or email with any query or question you may have.

Fennco Styles Toscana Contemporary Hemstitched Linen Blend 65 x

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Merlisha - User contributed Merlisha's Origin as Hindu - 14 minutes ago
New Person Added (Prafulla Bariha ,Associate Professor ,Sambalpur,India) - 25 minutes ago
Epsha - Pronunciation Added! - 27 minutes ago
Njal - User contributed Njal's Pronunciation as N-jal - 27 minutes ago
Vijayendran - User contributed Vijayendran's Origin as indian - 49 minutes ago
Fenet - User contributed Fenet's Origin as ethiopia - 53 minutes ago
Fenet - User contributed Fenet's Origin as oromo - 54 minutes ago
Simele - User contributed Simele's Meaning as only you - 55 minutes ago
Shevari - User contributed Shevari's Name type as Boy - 1 hour ago

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