Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,/delighter1232882.html,$23,17.7",Fake,w/Pot,vidaXL,Monstera,www.goldenarcher.net,Tre,Artificial,Leaf,Plant,Green Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,/delighter1232882.html,$23,17.7",Fake,w/Pot,vidaXL,Monstera,www.goldenarcher.net,Tre,Artificial,Leaf,Plant,Green $23 vidaXL Artificial Monstera Plant w/Pot 17.7" Green Fake Leaf Tre Home Kitchen Home Décor Products vidaXL Artificial Monstera Plant w Pot Fake Leaf Tre Quality inspection 17.7" Green $23 vidaXL Artificial Monstera Plant w/Pot 17.7" Green Fake Leaf Tre Home Kitchen Home Décor Products vidaXL Artificial Monstera Plant w Pot Fake Leaf Tre Quality inspection 17.7" Green

vidaXL Portland Mall Artificial Monstera Plant w Pot Fake Leaf Tre Quality inspection 17.7

vidaXL Artificial Monstera Plant w/Pot 17.7" Green Fake Leaf Tre


vidaXL Artificial Monstera Plant w/Pot 17.7" Green Fake Leaf Tre

Product description


Add some greenery to your interior with this lifelike artificial monstera plant. The monstera is 17.7"/27.6"/51.2"/67" high and will be the perfect choice for your home or office interior.

The plant has 12 leaves with perfect details, giving it a full, realistic look, and it will never wither. The leaves have slight color variations for a realistic look and feel.

This decorative artificial plant is made of high-quality materials and very durable. It is ideal for those who do want to have some plants in their home but lack the time to care for them.

Delivery includes 1 artificial plant and 1 pot.

  • Plant type: Monstera
  • Plant color: Green
  • Leaves material: Plastic
  • Branches and twigs material: Plastic and iron wire
  • Trunk material: Real wood
  • Total height: 17.7"/27.6"/51.2"/67"
  • Total number of leaves: 12/13/21/24
  • Including a plastic pot: (3.3"-4.9") x 4.3" / (4.5"-6.3") x 5.1" (Diameter x H)
  • Delivery includes the pot

vidaXL Artificial Monstera Plant w/Pot 17.7" Green Fake Leaf Tre

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