Bosch M5005 Cabin Filter Standard Animer and price revision $22 Bosch M5005 Cabin Filter Standard Automotive Replacement Parts Cabin,Standard,M5005,$22,Bosch,,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Filter,/contagiosity1233333.html $22 Bosch M5005 Cabin Filter Standard Automotive Replacement Parts Cabin,Standard,M5005,$22,Bosch,,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Filter,/contagiosity1233333.html Bosch M5005 Cabin Filter Standard Animer and price revision

Bosch M5005 Cabin Low price Filter Standard Animer and price revision

Bosch M5005 Cabin Filter Standard


Bosch M5005 Cabin Filter Standard

Product description

Bosch standard cabin air filters – dust and pollen filter for clean air inside the car.

OE reference numbers:
LAI A22002300 / LAI 51854923 / FIA A22002300 / FIA 51854923

Bosch M5005 Cabin Filter Standard

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