$32 Mexican Glass Margarita Martini 15 Oz. Blue Rim, set of 4. Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining $32,Glass,set,Rim,,Martini,15,Margarita,Oz.,Mexican,of,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Blue,www.goldenarcher.net,/catchable1644496.html,4. Mexican Glass Margarita Martini 15 Oz. 4. Rim Blue set Cheap super special price of $32 Mexican Glass Margarita Martini 15 Oz. Blue Rim, set of 4. Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining $32,Glass,set,Rim,,Martini,15,Margarita,Oz.,Mexican,of,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Blue,www.goldenarcher.net,/catchable1644496.html,4. Mexican Glass Margarita Martini 15 Oz. 4. Rim Blue set Cheap super special price of

Mexican Glass Margarita favorite Martini 15 Oz. 4. Rim Blue set Cheap super special price of

Mexican Glass Margarita Martini 15 Oz. Blue Rim, set of 4.


Mexican Glass Margarita Martini 15 Oz. Blue Rim, set of 4.

Product description

Every day is a fiesta whether serving margaritas or ice cream (great desert dish). These glasses are crafted in Mexico from recycled glass. Decorated with the traditional Mexican blue rim color they coordinate beautifully with any of the blue Mexican glasses. Because this set of 4 glasses are handmade dimensions may vary slightly. Sturdy enough for everyday use. Mouth-blown lead-free glass. Dishwasher Safe Size: approximately 5 1/2 inches High and 5 1/2 Wide; and holds around 15 oz. Care instructions: Our Mexican Glassware is individually mouth blown, hand formed and made from recycled glass. Trapped bubbles and slight variations in form, capacity and color are natural and charming features of the glassware. Although it is quite durable, this glass is not tempered so some extra care is necessary. A cooling-off period is essential after the glassware is removed from the dishwasher. Extreme temperature changes may cause thermal shock and cracking. This glassware is not suitable for serving hot beverages.

Mexican Glass Margarita Martini 15 Oz. Blue Rim, set of 4.

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