$407 Doug's Headers D380-B 1-7/8" 4-Tube Full Length Exhaust Header f Automotive Replacement Parts $407 Doug's Headers D380-B 1-7/8" 4-Tube Full Length Exhaust Header f Automotive Replacement Parts Doug's Headers D380-B 1-7 8" 4-Tube Header Length Exhaust San Francisco Mall Full f Doug's Headers D380-B 1-7 8" 4-Tube Header Length Exhaust San Francisco Mall Full f Header,4-Tube,$407,Full,www.goldenarcher.net,f,Doug's,Headers,Length,1-7/8",Automotive , Replacement Parts,/catchable1233296.html,Exhaust,D380-B Header,4-Tube,$407,Full,www.goldenarcher.net,f,Doug's,Headers,Length,1-7/8",Automotive , Replacement Parts,/catchable1233296.html,Exhaust,D380-B

Doug's Headers D380-B 1-7 8

Doug's Headers D380-B 1-7/8" 4-Tube Full Length Exhaust Header f


Doug's Headers D380-B 1-7/8" 4-Tube Full Length Exhaust Header f

Product description

Header development and design is complex and requires a substantial amount of time and resources to do the job right! Every Doug's header is tuned with the proper tube size and length to efficiently remove all the exhaust from each cylinder, reducing pumping losses resulting in a dramatic increases in horsepower and torque. Doug's headers are carefully developed on the vehicles they are intended to fit and are re-checked numerous times during the design and manufacturing process.

Doug's Headers D380-B 1-7/8" 4-Tube Full Length Exhaust Header f

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