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Elyssa Loughlin / KYUK

During their Aug. 10 meeting, Bethel City Council could once again enact a mask mandate for everyone, regardless of vaccination status. Also during the meeting, the council will hold a public hearing for new rules regarding Bethel's bed and breakfasts. 


A unique program combines goal-setting, skill-building, and Yup’ik values to help students make the transition from high school to college and other postsecondary opportunities.

Andrew West

Some people in Bethel have called this the dreariest, wettest summer of their lives, and they're right. Last month was the wettest July in Bethel in over 90 years, with 4.22 inches of rainfall. When it hasn’t been raining this summer, the sky has still often been grey. Bethel also experienced the cloudiest June and July in 60 years.

Zack Brink / ONC

A familiar face is again heading up Bethel’s tribe. Zack Brink took over as ONC’s executive director on Aug. 2. Brink formerly held the position from 2011 until 2015 when he retired.

Karen Laubenstein / USFWS

There’ll be a longer moose hunting season this fall in Zone 2 of state Game Management Unit 18.

Katie Basile / KYUK

Victim advocacy centers in the region are breathing a sigh of relief after President Joe Biden signed the VOCA Fix Act on July 22. The act will reverse severe federal funding cuts sustained by shelters and advocacy centers earlier this year. 


Gabby Salgado / KYUK

Vaccinations will be required for students residing in the UAF Kuskokwim Campus dorm this fall. The Bethel dorm is the only unit of the University of Alaska Fairbanks housing system that will require student vaccination against COVID-19. It is also the only UAF dormitory located off the road system.

Google Earth

State troopers have identified suspects in a shooting that occurred in Russian Mission on July 28. The assault left one person injured. The suspects remain at large and no arrests have been made.

YKHC Urges Vaccination Amid Delta Variant Surge

Aug 5, 2021
Katie Basile / KYUK

Health officials continue to sound the alarm about the surge in COVID-19 cases across the country and in Alaska.

Olivia Ebertz / KYUK

The Alaska National Guard is hosting a commissary in Bethel on Aug. 7. For those eligible, the event will provide shopping for discounted goods and help accessing military benefits. The event serves the  National Guard’s broader goal of expanding its presence in rural Alaska.


COVID-19 case count for the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta, updated daily M-F.


Yup'ik Word of the Week

KYUK Archives

Each weekday, the community is invited to "[email protected]" to discuss news and information relative to Bethel and the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta. Hosted By S. Grady Deaton
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A free form, caller-driven, opinion show about any and all matters. Hosted by Diane McEachern Fridays at 10:00 a.m.
A talkshow about the little things that help make life healthier. With hosts, Esther Green and Diane McEachern.
A Bite Out of Bethel explores the intersection between food and culture as it pertains to the residents of Bethel. Hosted by Tamryn Hodge
Unuakumi Qanemcit Kuigpiim Kusquqviim-llu nuniinek taqellrit KYUK-m qanemcistain Yugtun.
Morning newscasts from and about the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta produced by the KYUK newsroom and aired in English.